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Sakura's Journal

Sakura's Spyhole...

Yasunori Sakurazawa ~ 康紀桜沢
20 November
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Hey. Saku here, dunno why I've got a journal, but It's mainly for spying on Hyde.

Name: Sakura 桜
DOB: Nov 20th 1969
POB: Nerima, Tokyo.
Nickname: Yacchan (Yatchan)
Blood-type: Red
Astrology sign: Scorpio
Height: Taller than you
Weight: Lighter than you
Favorite color: black
Favorite Cigarette Brand: Seven Stars
Favorite animal: Panda
Favorite food: Japanese Food
Favorite drink: alcohol.
Favorite fruit: peach, cherry
Favorite flower: Cherry (Sakura), because Hyde likes it.
Specialty: Dadeigyagu (Dirty jokes)
Special license: Chairman of the honorable club of 5 step necktie knot professionals
Childhood Ambition: King of the Milky Way
Adult Ambition: Old man asleep in an armchair. You're only as old as the women you feel. ^_~

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